Combi package 4 Geuren

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Conbi set 4 Geuren:

  1. Green garden
  2. Blue fresh
  3. Clean cotton
  4. Lotus blanc


After a service, it is so nice that the air from the air conditioning smells fresh again. Our scent strips contain 7ml of fragrance, which keeps the air conditioner smelling fresh for a long time. Cleaning the air conditioning is an important job because it ensures that the system continues to work perfectly without bacteria and viruses. Air conditioning air can sometimes be a bit musty, with a scent strip in it this is a thing of the past. Usage: The filter is located under the hood, you can place the scent strip against it and close the hood again. You can also simply insert the strip into the grid, so that the air passes along the strip and easily carries the scent. Never suffer from stale air conditioning air again by adding these scent strips, after cleaning or just in between, because it smells nice.